Ramadan Goal #8

Ramadan Goal #8

❤️ For Local by Local ❤️

Our community need a lot of support in the areas of social, health, spiritual,
and educational development.

Majority of the cases we are commonly presented with involved residents who are unable to receive social welfare, Centrelink, housing rent assistance, women/men affected by domestic violence who need temporary or permanent
shelters, foster care for children and issues relating to international students.

With that in mind, Al Salam Humanitarian Foundation (AHF) is launched to be the supporting pillars for our local community.
AHF is their local BAND AID, to improve their SOCIOECONOMIC status and in future, they will return the favor to others. Insha Allah

Tonight, being one of the odd nights, is the best opportunity to pay your ZAKAT and EMPOWER our community.

Let us work together to break the cycle of POVERTY or IMPOVERISHED in SA!

May Allah eases our affairs so we can HELP others in dire needs.

Establish your Zakat today!
(100% tax deductable)
Al Salam Humanitarian Foundation
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