Al Salam Funeral Services

Assalamu Alaikum Wa RahmatALLAH wa Barakatuhu,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With the rise in the Muslim population around South Australia, there is a growing need for a dedicated Muslim funeral service to cater for this demand.

Islamic Society of South Australia is introducing our latest initiative,
Al Salam Funeral Service.

Al Salam Funeral Services (AFS) was first established in 2022 to fulfil the role of a Muslim Funeral Director within South Australia, serving the Muslim communities within it. Before, all funeral services in South Australia have been outsourced.

AFS’s role is to arrange for care of the deceased, offer guidance and support to families in their time of grief. We offer an integrated and affordable full funeral service suite that includes washing, shrouding, transfer, burial etc.

This service is available to all Muslims living within South Australia as we aim to provide extensive support to our community in their time of grief.

For more information on Al Salam Funeral Service, do refer to the link or click on image.

For further query, please contact our staff via email or
08-8374 2280 / 0456 809 046

Yours Sincerely

Ahmed Zreika
Islamic Society of South Australia