Amazing Sadaqa Jariyah Opportunity!

We are delighted to announce some exciting news to the South Australian Muslim community, especially those in the northern region. Alhamdulillah, we have found a spacious property that is currently available for purchase, already functioning as a private mosque. The owner has expressed willingness to sell it to the Islamic Society of South Australia to convert it into a public mosque.

We are grateful to have announced this initiative at Marion and Wandana mosques, where we have received pledges totalling almost $170k.

We’re $430,000 away in achieving our goal! Therefore, we appeal to the wider Muslim community, especially those in the north, to generously contribute towards this property.

We encouraged families or individuals to pledge $1000 each (payable within 4 months or $250 per month) or any amount that you can. No amount is too small for the sake of Allah.

Inshallah, this project will mark the beginning of a significant mosque in the northern region in the future.

Ways to donate

1. Islamic Society of SA

BSB: 065116 Acct #: 10240225 Ref: Elizabeth

2. via GoFundMe Page

3. scan QR code