Announcement – Imam Marion Mosque

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to thank you for your patience since the resignation of Imam Riad El Rifai from his position as Imam of Masjid Omar Bin Al-Khattab (Marion Mosque) at the end of February 2024. Following his resignation, we advertised the position on February 10th and set the application deadline for March 10th, 2024. During this period, we received 25 applications from local, interstate, and international candidates.

After the deadline, we established two assessment panels: one for Shariah purposes and another for management.

From March 10th until the end of April, we thoroughly reviewed the applicants’ qualifications, cover letters, resumes, experiences, and all other aspects of this important public role.

We then shortlisted five applicants who met almost all the criteria we sought, such as Sharia and Islamic studies qualifications, Quran’s Ijaza, memorisation of the Holy Quran, proficiency in both Arabic and English, availability for full-time work, and the flexibility to take on additional tasks assigned by ISSA.

After conducting the first round of interviews with these five highly qualified candidates, we further narrowed the shortlist to two applicants. Following many important considerations regarding the compatibility of the Imam with the needs of Marion Mosque, we have selected Imam Abdallah El Terek as the new Imam for Marion Mosque.

Abdallah El Terek is a highly enthusiastic and motivated Sheikh with a strong background in Quranic Science, Islamic studies, and Sharia instruction. He has been a qualified Imam for over twelve years in several countries such as Lebanon and Australia and holds an Ijaza in Hafs An Asim recitation.

Mr. El Terek’s experience encompasses various roles within various Masajids. He served as a secondary Imam at Al-Hadi Mosque in Tripoli while concurrently acting as one of the Khateeb at Al-Bayan Mosque, Tripoli.

Furthermore, he has actively been a Quran teacher in various mosques, most notably Al-Haram Mosque in Tripoli. In addition to his religious expertise, he possesses valuable skills that enhance his ability to serve a diverse community. His fluency in English, gained through many years of English literature studies, allows him to effectively communicate with a wider audience.

Furthermore, he holds a Master of Business and Administration (MBA) from Altınbaş Üniversitesi in Turkey. This degree equips him with strong organisational and leadership skills, which can be beneficial in guiding and supporting the South Australian Muslim community.

His professional experience is extensive and varied. Currently (2020-present), he serves as an Imam at Khalid Ibn al Walid Mosque in Victoria, Australia. Abdallah’s affiliations include membership at the Board of Imams Victoria (BOIV). His achievements are notable, including representing Lebanon in prestigious international Quran competitions and securing top positions in numerous local competitions.

As a young and dynamic individual, aged 32, he will bring a fresh perspective and an eagerness to connect with all members of the community, including elders, women, youth, and children. He firmly believes that engaging with younger members of the community is crucial in fostering a strong Islamic identity and nurturing a love for our faith from a young age.He is proud to have been a former student of Sheikh Riad El Rifai in Tripoli, Lebanon, under whose guidance he has learned valuable lessons and insights into Islamic teachings.

Abdallah El Terek’s comprehensive qualifications and experience make him a suitable candidate for the Imam position at Masjid Omar Bin Al-Khattab (Marion Mosque). His dedication to fostering positive change and his ability to connect with diverse communities are aligned with the needs of our congregation.

We ask our local community to warmly welcome our new young Imam and provide him with all the support needed to begin his new role smoothly. This noble opportunity allows him to serve our community in a wonderful environment. Please be patient with him as he gets to know our beloved Muslim community in South Australia.

Let us welcome the new Imam to the Masjid Omar community and the Adelaide Muslim community. Let us embrace him with Islamic love and respect and work together for the betterment of our community.

Imam Abdallah El Terek’s first day as a full-time Imam will be on Monday, 1̲5̲/̲0̲7̲/̲2̲0̲2̲4̲ , inshAllah.

Please feel free to contact our secretary, Farheen Mushtaq, for any further clarifications via email at

Best Regards

ISSA Management