ISSA is a Muslim Community which is based and functions from South Australia. It is a not for profit organisation that was established on 21 April 1955.


The Purpose and Objectives of ISSA are:

  • To preserve the Islamic ideas and way of life as laid in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah within the community.
  • To develop the concept of Islamic Brotherhood amongst Muslims in South Australia.
  • To advance the South Australian Muslim interests.
  • To provide the community with social, educational and spiritual services.


ISSA possesses, directly controls and is financially responsible for the following Islamic Institutions

  • ISSA Head Office and Masjid Omar Bin Alkhattab (658 Marion Rd, Park Holme, SA 5043)
  • Abu Bakr Assiddiq Masjid. (52-56 Wandana Avenue, Gilles Plains, SA 5086)
  • Whyalla Masjid (5 Morris Crs, Whyalla Norrie, SA 5600)
  • Mount Gambier (9A Cedar St, Mount Gambier, SA 5290)
  • Murray Bridge Masjid ( 83 Old Swanport Rd, Murray Bridge, SA 5253)