Ramadan Goal #7

Ramadan Goal #7 – Daily iftars @ Marion and Wandana

Since 2015, ISSA has been organising daily Iftars for everyone who visited our mosques (all genders, Muslims or Non Muslims).
All are welcome. Al-HamduLILLAH.

Masha Allah, through your continuous generosity, we have been able to feed almost 200 individuals daily in both mosques.

ISSA, as an organization strives to create an inclusive moment for everyone attending our iftars. Everyone’s situation or circumstances is different; hence no question asked or prejudice or exclusivity is to be tolerated.

Operational costs to organise iftars have risen over the years. High costs in food catered, utilities and cleaning are factors in high expenses daily.

We do NEED your support for us to continue to serve our brothers/sisters/young ones who are fasting.

Here’s your call to action this Ramadan. Donate generously and consistently towards Iftar2023 and earn the reward from setting up your donation in Ramadan.

Your support and contributions will benefit those in need of warm meals to break their fast.

Sponsor an Iftar
$10/meal or any amount
Islamic Society of SA
1135 8279
Reference: Iftar2023