Ramadan Goal #2

Ramadan Goal #2 – ISSA Youth

Back in the days (not that distant), youths rebelled for various reasons:
1. Personal space issues (own bed, drawer etc)
2. Individual identity (not sharing clothes or wear hand-me-downs)
3. Pulled telephone cords walking around the house while talking
4. Shared responsibilities such as washing dishes, taking care of siblings etc
However, there were no social media, or tv or influencers then. Hence, family values were strong and upheld tight within the family unit. Any disobedience or misdemeanour was dealt diligently.

Fast forward to 21st century, our youths today faced different challenges compared to their parents/grandparents etc.
1. Family pressure
2. School and peer pressure
3. Society’s expectations
4. Identity crisis as young migrant

The millennials are quick on their fingers and minds due to the expanse exposure to wide world of web. Internet, TV, radio, smart phones (not very smart) shaped the ideas and thoughts of our young minds. Delayed gratification is considered a problem for today’s generation. Everything needs to be fast and instant. Imitation of life is so surreal that our young ones felt pressured to fit and conform to societal expectations.

How can we help our youths?

Since 2019 ISSA has rolled out activities/programs to engage these young minds. We want to continue in our mission to intrigue the young minds with exciting and effective programs/activities/training that will develop their life skills and empower them as future leaders.

Here’s your call to action this Ramadan. Donate generously and consistently towards ISSAYouth and earn the reward from setting up your donation in Ramadan.

Your support and contributions will benefit our young minds and generations beyond.

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