Ramadan Goal #5

Ramadan Goal #5 – Al Salam Academy of Adelaide (AAA)

This academy was started in 1999. Masha Allah, since it started numbers of enrolment and students have grown.

AAA has 3 programs:
1. Hifz Program (Quranic & Islamic studies)
2. Alim program (Quranic, Islamic, and Arabic studies)
3. SACE Arabic (for Year 10 and above)

Other activities:
1. Sports day
2. Quran competition
3. Hadith competition
4. Hajj simulation
5. Arabic competition
6. Cooking

The School has 3 physical campuses : Hamilton, West Corydon and Wandana, in additional to online education platform.

AAA is an integral part of our Muslim community. Here’s how you can help AAA to grow and flourish towards their maximum potential.

Donate generously towards AAA for the future of our generations.

Account Name: Islamic Society SA
BSB: 035045
Account: 511410
Reference: AAA