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Applied Islam

Applied Islam is designed to meet the needs and expectations of emerging young Australian Muslims to equip them with the necessary knowledge, insight and experience to meet the aforementioned challenges. The program is created by Professor Imam Mohamad Abdalla utilising 25 years’ experience in Islamic studies and community affairs. The program utilises traditional sacred sciences combined with an understanding of contemporary issues, aimed at answering questions related to faith, identity, Sharia, Madhhabs, the nature and purpose of knowledge, Jihad Vs. terrorism, women’s rights, and the nature of governance and government in Islam (is there a particular form of governance in Islam?).


The program also explores the historical context of Islam, including selected and relevant aspects from the biography of the Prophet, and derives lessons for modern challenges. Furthermore, the program exposes students to the meaning, scope and application of Sharia, the legacy of the Islamic civilisation and its tremendous contributions to civilisation, and tazkiyya or purification of the soul (spirituality).


Applied Islam allows students to navigate through the many contemporary issues they encounter with an Islamic lens embedded within an Islamic worldview that is cognisant of the modern world.

The Applied Islam Course costs us $13,500 to setup and run. We as a not for profit organisation rely on donations for our events and activities, please help us continue this great work by donating today.


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