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Marion Mosque and Community Centre Extension




Build your house in Jannah and embrace the opportunity for multiplied rewards of Sadaqa Jariya


The Marion Mosque is the main hub for the Muslim community in the South area. Due to the strong population growth of Muslims in South Australia, there is an urgent need to expand in order to cater for our brothers and sisters. Jum'ah prayer, Ramadan along with Eid prayers has strongly proven that an expansion is required.


Currently the ladies’ prayer area caters for only 100 sisters, with the new upgrade, it will allow inshallah for approximately 500 sisters, including an elevator to cater for elderly and disabled. While at the same time, the male prayer area, will accommodate up to 1500 brothers, a significant increase of currently only allowing for 800.

We will also establish a brand new car park in order to reduce the noise and disruption caused to our neighbours. In addition to this, to ensure safety measures for children, elderly and disabled to have direct access to the mosque without crossing the road.


The multi-function centre will accommodate for youth activities, children and adult education and aged care facility services, board meetings and adhoc activities. There will also be an Imams office, societies office and general office along with kitchen facilities.


All funds obtained for this project will solely be used only for this expansion. Total cost for this re-development will be approximately 1.4 million dollars and building will start inshallah in March 2017 and this will take 12 months to complete.


The extension will provide:

A new prayer area for Women

A New Prayer Area for Men

New Community Function Area

Lift for the Disabled and Elderly

21 Extra Car Parking Spaces



Commonwealth Bank     BSB: 065116    ACC: 10240225    Ref: Mosque Extension

Total cost Building is $1.4 M