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For the first time in South Australia ISSA would like to begin a new annual tradition titled the “Al-Salam Festival” (Festival of Peace). Adelaide is recognized as the festival state with great events held by significant organizations and communities to give people the opportunity to experience their culture. ISSA would like to also contribute to the festivities South Australia has to offer by giving people the chance to experience the Islamic or Muslim way of life.

An opportunity to influence the view of Islam in Adelaide

There will be a festival that will be a non-profitable project with the purpose of creating awareness of the Muslim community and Islam. This will be achieved through providing entertainment and informative activities that will allow people to grasp a general perspective of the religion and address any queries they may have.

ISSA aims to address the stereotypes of Islam perceived by the public as a religion of violence and anger. It hopes to bring the Muslim and Non-Muslim community together to share, discuss and enjoy the multicultural society that our nation is. The proposal is to celebrate this festival by engaging the wider community with traditional foods, exciting rides, innovative fun and educational show bags, live entertainment from around Australia, innovative and informative stalls and much more.