Ramadan Goal #6

Ramadan Goal #6 – Da’waa Programs & Activities

ISSA has been running Da’waa programs since inception.

Through such programs/activities, ISSA has been able to spread the knowledge and goodness of Islam to the community members of all gender, ages and background.

These are our programs that we have been running:

1. Mosque Open Day
2. Mosque visits by schools
3. Lectures/talks by renowed scholars or speakers
4. Nasheeds
5. Halaqa for both sisters and brothers
6. Quran studies for young adults
and many more….

Da’waa is an integral way of learning and educating in ISSA. We want to continue in our mission to provide opportunities for our generations to continue in their pursuit to learn, spread and educate others about Islam and its benefits.

Donate generously especially in these blessed 10 nights to nourish and flourish our Da’waa programs/activities.

Islamic Society of SA
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