All community members wishing to perform itikhaf in any of the masjids under The Islamic Society of SA must complete this form. Please note that this year only men are permitted to perform itikhaf. Women may attend from 2:30am the night tahajud prayers.

Ibn ‘Umar (Allah be pleased with both of them) reported that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to observe i’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan. (Muslim)

  • Please read the conditions of itikhaf below:
    • I agree to follow all directions of the local property manager of each masjid.
    • I will pack my bedding up and neatly hide my belongings during each prayer.
    • I will do my best to contribute to keeping the masjid clean.
    • If under the age of 16, will keep with me at all times a written consent from parent or guardian giving permission to sleep in the masjid.
    • I will not use the masjid for other purposes other than the intended purpose of itikhaf according to the way the prophet Mohammad PBUH would do it.
    • My intention of itikhaf is to stay engaged in worship and acts of deen. Quran, zikr, salat etc.
    • I understand that if I don't comply with the above or any other conditions specific to the masjid that I could be asked to leave.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.