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Mosque Open Day

National Mosque Open Day (NMOD) is an initiative that endeavours to facilitate a greater understanding of Islam and Muslims in Australia by opening up the mosque, the centre of the Muslim community, to the wider Australian public.


This years National Mosque Open Day will be held on Saturday 28 October 2017 at Al-Khalil Mosque (596 Torrens Rd, Woodville North)


The event will again see a number of mosques around the country opening their doors to the wider Australian public, in an attempt to go some of the way to improving social cohesion and breaking down various misconceptions and misunderstandings. This will be done by providing an engaging opportunity for discussion and education between Muslims and non-Muslims.


The event will be community-centred, with a jumping castle, BBQ, face-painting, tours of the premises and opportunities for Q&A.


To find out more information about past years Mosque Open Day by clicking on the link below


The Mosque Open Day project costs us $13,000 to setup and run. We as a non-for profit organization rely on donations for our events and activities, please help us continue this great work by donating today.


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Letter to Pauline Hanson From Youth Organisers of National Mosque Open Day